National Accounts

The most valuable benefit that you will receive from our consolidated vending program is our knowledge and expertise in managing the vending operations at your locations. Whether you have 1 location… or 1,000, we tailor a vending program to meet the specific needs of your company. Below are just a few examples of some of our national accounts to provide you with a snap-shot of the vending programs that we have designed for them.


Duron Paints & Wallcoverings

Duron Paints and Wallcoverings is a national paint retailer with more than 250 locations nationwide. When US Vending first approached Duron, they were skeptical of US Vending’s consolidated full service vending program…thinking that a vending program where all they had to do is supply the space for the machine was too good to be true. But that’s just what they got, a turn-key program that simply pays commissions to Duron’s bottom line. US Vending’s machines provide refreshment to both Duron’s customers and sales associates alike…and US Vending’s monthly statements and commission payments are a refreshing way of doing business for Duron’s executives!
AMLI Residential

AMLI Residential is one of the leading apartment management companies in the United States. With more than 27,000 apartments nationwide, the company is focused on the development and management of upscale apartment communities. As such, AMLI chooses its vendors very carefully, and US Vending has had a long relationship with AMLI, providing and managing the machines located at each of its properties. From detailed commission reports and analysis, to a high level of customer service, US Vending is on the front lines of AMLI’s business every day, making sure that their residents are happy with the vending machines available.
Murry’s Foods

Murry’s Foods is a supermarket chain operating 35 stores from Southern Virginia to New Jersey. Having dealt with both Coke and Pepsi directly in the past, Murry’s made the decision to switch to US Vending’s consolidated vending program… bringing control of the machines placed at their stores into the hands of their executives. With US Vending, Murry’s was able to contract with a single point of contact and deal with a single account manager for all of their stores, rather than dealing with individual contacts in each of the markets they serve.
Concord Management, Ltd.

Concord Management is an apartment management company with multiple locations throughout the United States. Concord’s primary goal… to provide a convenience to their residents while at the same time maximizing the revenue from its apartment communities. With US Vending, Concord receives a detailed commission statement each month, detailing revenues per location by machine.
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